Santa Fe 2021: Part 6

After a pretty busy couple of weeks where this blog got no love form me, I am back with the last post in this series of sketches from Santa Fe. On my last morning in Santa Fe, I held a short 3-hour workshop in the Farmers’ Market. If you have never visited the market in Santa Fe you need to go just for the market, it is like nothing else!

It was chilly in the market in the morning, and the warm smell of roasting chillis was just the perfect, delicious complement to the nip in the air!

There was a lot more than just chilis but you can see I had a pretty single-minded obsession that morning.

And here are a few more images and impressions from Santa Fe that I didn’t post earlier.

The very last sketch from my 3-day workshop.

And the wonderful group.

This quick little sketch made while I watched a team of conservators working on a Georgia O’Keefe painting that was quite damaged.

And finally, here are little closeups from pieces in that museum that I loved. O’Keefe’s colors are lovely in reproductions but they truly sing when you stand before the pieces.

If you missed my earlier posts, here are all the posts in this Santa Fe series.

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  1. Wow, you had quite the group there in Santa Fe, and nice drawing of the light fixture!!

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