Santa Fe 2021: Part 2

Did I mention that I love adobe buildings? I love them so much I might have drawn more buildings than people on this trip.

This beautiful building is the New Mexico Museum of Art.

It was where we sketched for the opening session of our workshop. 16 of us sitting in the sun, drawing together, That made me so happy.

Here is another quick sketch from that same location.

For every one place I walked past and just had to to stop and draw in this town, there were at least ten I wanted to stop at but just plain ran out of time to get to.

But there’s always a next time, right?

A bunch more posts from Santa Fe coming up. If you missed post #1 in this series, it’s here:

Santa Fe 2021: Part 1

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1 Response to Santa Fe 2021: Part 2

  1. AlanT says:

    These are really creative watercolours


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