Santa Fe 2021: Part 3

The Doors of Santa Fe. They’ve been talked about and photographed a lot, and for good reason. They’re colorful, charming, full of personality and a joy to sketch. I could walk around town collecting doors and windows in my sketchbook for days on end. Like almost everything else in this city, I walked past at least 10 imminently sketchworthy doors for every one I sat down and drew.

This beautiful blue door is where we all settled down as a group to sketch.

And then we dispersed down the street and collected more doors. Look at the beauties on these pages.

And all these other ones that went unsketched…

This door at one end of Canyon Road was the start of a spread.

I finished up a few days later with the door of an adobe building that claims to be the oldest house in the country.

If you missed the first couple of posts from Santa Fe, they’re here:

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9 Responses to Santa Fe 2021: Part 3

  1. amberchand says:

    I love your work. As a fellow sketcher on my travels, I loved Santa Fe. The doorways are perfect.

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  2. Cindy Cali says:


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  3. Very interesting architecture in Santa Fe, are the buildings made out of Adobe?

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  4. Also, I really like your sketches of the doors, they have so much character!!

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  5. Oh that looked like such an inspiring trip!!! These days, for me, a trip to the next town seems like something brand new and wonderful — I can imagine what a thrill it was to be with a group again!!!

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  6. Gorgeous work, of beautiful subjects.

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  7. AlanT says:

    These are brilliant – what are great idea

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