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Surprise Sketches are the Best

Sometimes the unplanned stuff is the best. Early at school to pickup my kids today (that almost NEVER happens) and what do I see? Our local middle school Chamber Orchestra playing under the redwood trees. I dug out a piece of taupe-colored, accordion-folded paper and … Continue reading

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Miller Red Barn

I saw an intriguing sign in Gilroy the other day. It said “Save Miller Red Barn” and listed this facebook page. Coincidentally, I’ve been working on a design project on the history of the City of Gilroy, so I know quite a … Continue reading

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Finding animals in unexpected places

Looking through my sketches from my road trip, I see I have some animal sketches. But only a few of them are from a trip to the little zoo in Santa Barbara. I couldn’t pass up sketching these colorful macaws there. These ostrich are sketched … Continue reading

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Pismo Beach in Winter

It seems like we visit the beach a lot more in cold weather than we do in the summer. Luckily, ‘cold’ is never very cold in California, (or atleast not for my kids). The day after Christmas, we headed down … Continue reading

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Last Post of 2014.

One last post for 2014. Thank you for following my blog. Posting here has been an invaluable part of the learning process to me. It helps me articulate what I do, and gain insight from your comments, questions and input. A few sketches from the … Continue reading

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Drawing Busy Places: At the supermarket

I love sketching busy places. One place that’s guaranteed to have a crowd ( and good pastries) is the Whole Foods Market not far from home. Capturing crowds of people and color and texture is always exciting. I love the challenge of conveying … Continue reading

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Dappled light, Summer days

You know it’s summer when your yellow, gold and green paints run out before your Payne’s grey ( goodbye winter and spring!) Summer is lots of outdoor sketching, hikes and art shows. Sometimes I paint in the warm sunlight. And … Continue reading

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