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Sketch in Spain with Suhita and French Escapade

May 7-14, 2022

Workshop Description:

Come join me for a week long painting adventure in the magnificent Costa Brava, Spain.
Over the week we will paint the beautiful coastal villages and beaches, visit the botanical gardens and paint the flora and fauna, sketch in a medieval village, and capture the surreal world of Dali, all while enjoying the hospitality of French Escapade.

Over the week, you will:

  • learn travel sketching techniques, from 5-minute pen & ink sketches to creating watercolor pieces in your sketchbook
  • develop your observational skills, and learn to draw from life
  • study watercolor painting and mixing color to help you capture the colors of your travels with a limited palette
  • learn to sketch people, places, flora and fauna so your sketchbooks can truly reflect your travels
  • learn compositional techniques for successful travel sketchbooks.

There will be reviews of our work, helpful pointers shared and one-on-one time with you each day.

Come join me for a week long painting adventure in the magnificent Costa Brava, Spain.

Learn more about the workshop including details on the itinerary and accommodations here.

Book the workshop here.
* Only 12 seats in the workshop
* Proof of vaccination required


SOLD OUT: Contact to be put on a list for new dates for this workshop.

Learn to Sketch Fearlessly by Simplifying a Busy Scene

Saturday, November 6, 10am–12:15pm Pacific Time (SOLD OUT)
Sunday, November 7, 10am–12:15pm Pacific Time (SOLD OUT)

When you sketch on location, are you overwhelmed by all that you see? Do you struggle to simplify the scene before you? Have you been afraid to dive in and sketch the subject because it involves people? In this online workshop, themed around a Farmers’ Market, you will learn to sketch quick vignettes that capture the energy and essence of a place and its people.


22 Responses to Workshops

  1. Wow!! I found your workshop for Oct. 10th in Urban Sketchers and wanted to sign up, but everything looks full. I live in San Rafael and I am an oil painter, painting mainly outdoors, and particularly enjoy painting in urban settings. I am trying to elevate my pen and ink with watercolor sketching abilities and would love to get into one of your workshops. Please add me to your email list. Fabulous work!! Thanks, Stu


  2. Maia J. says:

    I’d like to be WL for the 10/24 event & notified of your next Penninsula, SF or East Bay workshop. I’ve been sketching landscapes & botanicals yet want to ‘add people’ to my urban sketching also. Many thanks. Peace & Blessings.


  3. Audrey Rust says:

    Please, please have a south bay workshop. I learned so much at the SF one on 10/9 and would love to take another.


  4. Suhita, the workshop today in Sausalito was over the top and far exceeded my expectations! Bravo!!!! I am so glad I got on your wait list!


  5. Barbara Tapp says:

    You are Inspiring .


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  7. Anchal Tibrewal says:

    H suhita…ur work has inspired me alot to sketch and paint my heart out…and do u also have any instagram page that we can follow? ?


  8. Subhash Deshpande says:

    So glad to visit this page. Any chance of holding a working in Pune or India?
    Subhash Deshpande


  9. FAHD says:

    Do you conduct workshops in dubai? Please reply. Thanks. Fahd.


  10. I’m going to sign up for your figure class on crafty Do you have any other s ? San Juan capistrano


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  12. Meredith Fuhrman says:

    I would very much like to join one of your bay area classes. I love the freedom of your work.


  13. JLR says:

    I’m not a Zoomer. Would it be possible to convert your Poppies workshop to a video format. I’d be happy to pay to watch!


  14. I would love to do your Zoom Class on Florals. However, 10 a.m. Pacific time is 3 a.m. Queensland time in Australia. Would you maybe consider another class a little later in your day so folks in Australia and NZ can attend.


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