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SKETCHING MUMBAI: A Gateway to India

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Come Sketch and Experience Mumbai, India with Suhita & Zainab

The 2023 version of this workshop was such an adventure, that we’re doing it again!
Want to join us? Mark your calendars for Jan 2024, and join the interest list ot hear about it first! Spaces will fill up quickly when we announce one (soon!)

More details coming soon, but here is the gist:

Gateway of India • Mixed Media • Suhita Shirodkar

A Gateway to India
Sketching and Exploring Mumbai with Suhita and Zainab • January 2024 

If you have ever wanted to travel and sketch in India, this is your chance! Come sketch in Mumbai, India, in January 2024 on a richly curated trip with two seasoned instructors and Mumbai lovers, Suhita Shirodkar and Zainab Tambawalla

Our week-long, on-location workshop in Mumbai features an itinerary that combines historical and cultural tours led by experts with daily hands-on sketching sessions with your instructors. 

In addition, our on-location adventures will be preceded by online zoom-based sessions before you even arrive in India! In these sessions, we build a foundation of sketching concepts that you will put into practice on location and we share practical information like packing and supply tips for your sketching trip and adventures.

Mazgaon Chawl • Watercolor • Zainab Tambawalla

Why Mumbai, you might wonder?
Mumbai is a great place to start your Indian adventure. A metropolis and a melting pot of cultures, Mumbai was once a walled city. And while the walls are gone, the cities within this city still exist. In this workshop, you will literally sketch the Mumbai of a thousand years ago, and move through the ages to capture the glory of the British Era, Mumbai’s Art Deco period, and monuments to the Industrial Revolution. You will witness and sketch ancient traditions and the people who are at the core of what the city is about. It will be an enriching experience and your sketchbook will reflect it.

With tours led by historians and a low instructor-to-student ratio, you can expect lots of one-on-one attention, and a host of techniques and ideas shared daily. You’ll see a Mumbai beyond a tourist’s view, yet always feel safe and taken care of. All transportation to destinations beyond a short walk will be in an airconditioned bus. At every location, you will have a host of vetted places to eat at. 

Street Food • Watercolor, Pen & Ink • Suhita Shirodkar

More details? Coing soon!

Know Your Instructors

Suhita Shirodkar was born and brought up in Mumbai and now lives in San Jose, California. She has been an instructor at 6 USk International Symposiums and is a USk blog correspondent who teaches workshops worldwide. Telling visual stories, working in a mix of media that allows for exciting sketches, and capturing the energy of places and people are what she loves best. 

You can see more of Suhita’s work here.

Zainab Tambawalla has lived in Mumbai for 22 years and heads Urban Sketchers Mumbai. She is an animation designer, a children’s books illustrator, and has been an educator for 11 years. Her Mumbai-focussed reportage was part of a USk grant-winning project for outstanding visual reportage. She is on a constant quest to document stories within her city while exploring techniques for creating an evocative and emotive sketch. 

You can see more of Zainab’s work here.

Left: Street Sellers • Watercolor, Pen & Ink • Suhita | Right: Steps of Banganga • Copic Markers • Zainab

Excited? Here’s what you do next:
Spaces are limited so sign up for our interest list now (see details at the top of this posting)! 
Mark your calendar for the second half of Jan 2024 (you will want to add extra travel time in India after the workshop, trust us!) and be ready to sign up when the workshop is announced (soon: we will announce it in late Jan or early Feb 2023)

Left: Antiques at Chor Bazaar • Markers on Toned Paper • Zainab
Right: Cold Drink Seller • Pen & Ink , Watercolor • Suhita

Have questions for us? Below are some FAQs.

FAQs and Other Helpful Information

• Why Mumbai?
Mumbai is the perfect gateway to your Indian experience, a city with many cities within it. Here, you will discover both a modern, bustling metropolis and an ancient city.  A melting pot of cultures and architectural styles existing side by side, yet each one different. We will offer you an insider’s view of it all, which when coupled with an understanding of historical and cultural context, will make for sketches rich with meaning and memories.

Suresh Bhavan • Zainab

• What will I learn?
This workshop is designed to meet you where you are in your sketching journey. With three zoom-based sessions before you even get to India, we will cover the basics of practical matters like packing an art kit and also the fundamentals of working on location, sketching from life, choosing a color palette , color mixing, and a working understanding of perspective and people sketching for on-location drawing.

This solid groundwork will set you up for a successful sketching trip in India: We will refresh the concepts of those online sessions at each location, and discuss applying them at that specific location. Your instructors will be sketching alongside you every day so you can watch the concepts put into action, request help and feedback and ask questions anytime. 

And if you are a seasoned sketcher who knows your basics already? Zainab and Suhita will demo different techniques for you to add to your sketching repertoire every day and you are never ever out of interesting sketching subjects in India, so you can always add an extra challenge to the day’s program.

Mango Season • Suhita

• Safety and Food Concerns
The beauty of doing this workshop with us is that you’ll see Mumbai beyond a tourist’s view, yet always feel safe and taken care of. All transportation to destinations beyond a short walk will be in an air-conditioned vehicle. At every location, you will have a list of vetted places to eat at in a range of prices. With prior information about food restrictions and concerns, we can tailor a list of recommended foods and places to eat for you, or even arrange for packed meals for you.

• India beyond Mumbai
The themes, colors, and architectural styles you will sketch, and the sketching techniques you will learn will make a great set of tools to sketch anywhere on your further adventures.

So start your exploration of India with us in Mumbai, and if you decide to stay on for longer, we are happy to recommend itineraries for the rest of your stay. You’ll have spent a week with us getting to know and understand the many facets of India, all in one city, and your sketching skills will serve you well in capturing many more memories of all your adventures!

• Insurance:
As with all travel, we recommend you get travel insurance. Here are some recommendations from

Excited? We are!

This is a small group workshop so space is limited!

Sketches by Zainab & Suhita



27 Responses to Workshops

  1. Wow!! I found your workshop for Oct. 10th in Urban Sketchers and wanted to sign up, but everything looks full. I live in San Rafael and I am an oil painter, painting mainly outdoors, and particularly enjoy painting in urban settings. I am trying to elevate my pen and ink with watercolor sketching abilities and would love to get into one of your workshops. Please add me to your email list. Fabulous work!! Thanks, Stu


  2. Maia J. says:

    I’d like to be WL for the 10/24 event & notified of your next Penninsula, SF or East Bay workshop. I’ve been sketching landscapes & botanicals yet want to ‘add people’ to my urban sketching also. Many thanks. Peace & Blessings.


  3. Audrey Rust says:

    Please, please have a south bay workshop. I learned so much at the SF one on 10/9 and would love to take another.


  4. Suhita, the workshop today in Sausalito was over the top and far exceeded my expectations! Bravo!!!! I am so glad I got on your wait list!


  5. Barbara Tapp says:

    You are Inspiring .


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  7. Anchal Tibrewal says:

    H suhita…ur work has inspired me alot to sketch and paint my heart out…and do u also have any instagram page that we can follow? ?


  8. Subhash Deshpande says:

    So glad to visit this page. Any chance of holding a working in Pune or India?
    Subhash Deshpande


  9. FAHD says:

    Do you conduct workshops in dubai? Please reply. Thanks. Fahd.


  10. I’m going to sign up for your figure class on crafty Do you have any other s ? San Juan capistrano


  11. Pingback: Sketching Trio workshops & adventures, 2019 | Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

  12. Meredith Fuhrman says:

    I would very much like to join one of your bay area classes. I love the freedom of your work.


  13. JLR says:

    I’m not a Zoomer. Would it be possible to convert your Poppies workshop to a video format. I’d be happy to pay to watch!


  14. I would love to do your Zoom Class on Florals. However, 10 a.m. Pacific time is 3 a.m. Queensland time in Australia. Would you maybe consider another class a little later in your day so folks in Australia and NZ can attend.


  15. Junnie Fu says:

    Do you have any classes for kids and Adult?

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I would love to take an online workshop with you. When will you be teaching your people alive class? Is there a description of it anywhere online? Maybe from when you held it before.
    Do you ever teach in the Los Angeles area?
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sandra, I’ll announce the People Alive workshop on my newsletter. I don’t have an LA area workshop just now. I love to teach but prefer to leave organizing to an art organization or an organizer, so if you know of one, tell them to be in touch!


  17. jmccrouch says:

    Suhita, I love your loose and exuberant approach to sketching. I have watched your Craftsy class Figure Sketching Made Simple over and over. I am longing for MORE! I will look for your announcement of your online workshop, People Alive!, in your newsletter.

    I am one of the admins of USkLA and have taught watercolor at a local nonprofit organization in Sierra Madre (Los Angeles area) for years. Their website is If you think they might be a good fit for a workshop, I would be happy to discuss it with them and provide their contact information to you.

    Julie Crouch

    Liked by 1 person

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