It’s next week: #OneWeek100People2019


It’s only a few days away! #OneWeek100People begins on Monday! When I said yes to doing the challenge with Marc Holmes and Liz Steel , I so optimistically thought I’d figure it out by now: I’d have a plan of what I wanted to work on, a focus, and a way to make time in my day for the sketches.

But I have none. And if you’re in the same boat as me, and wondering if you should skip the challenge, here’s what I think: Let’s do it. Maybe we won’t get anywhere near 100, but let’s so give it a shot anyways.

If you don’t know about the challenge, it’s not to late to find out more, and join in. Read more about it here.



About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to It’s next week: #OneWeek100People2019

  1. bmweeks says:

    Looking forward to it!


  2. pbass says:

    They’re _alive_! :^) Would be glad to see all 100. :^}
    In this age of colour saturation, 360° around us, these simple muted toning colours are so welcome!


  3. kimbidraws says:

    Thanks for this post Suhita. I was thinking the same thing but you’re right. just do it regardless.


  4. Anneli says:

    I am doing it to practise sketching people, not necessarily to do 100 people.

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  5. miatagrrl says:

    Looking forward to it! See you at the hashtag!

    – Tina


  6. This made me smile in delight! I love your honesty. I’m in exactly the same boat and had similar plans and now here we are already. I struggle with drawing people and I want to improve, not impress 🙂


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