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Destruction/Construction: Part 1

I’ve always loved sketching construction work on the streets: the men in orange safety jackets, the huge machines, things that get broken down and then made new. So it’s a treat to get to sketch a process like that right at home. … Continue reading

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Gone too far?

“Should have stopped working on this piece 20 minutes ago.” I feel that way about a piece pretty often, but I’m not always sure “20-minutes-ago” was actually a good time to stop. So this is what I did today. At … Continue reading

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No sketching

The last couple of weeks seemed like a no-sketch weeks. But then I looked through my sketchbooks and there’s been a few sketches I managed to slip in. Nothing big, nowhere exotic. A bunch of places I’ve sketched at before and … Continue reading

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Capturing Chaos: workshop review (and downloadable pdf)

It’s always an honor to teach at an Urban Sketchers Symposium. I taught my first workshop in Brazil last year and was thrilled to teach again this year. My workshop in Singapore was titled  Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd. Here is … Continue reading

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Swim season comes to an end

No, the summer’s not over, but swim-meet season just ended this weekend with one final big meet. I blogged some of my swim sketches from the start of the season here.  Here are more sketches from the end of the season. … Continue reading

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Summer is here!

It’s summer vacation when my flickr stream of sketches starts to look like this. Long, lazy afternoons of reading. Lots of people sketches, done at our community pool while the kids swim. And. (expect to see a lot of these … Continue reading

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WORKSHOP: Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd

I’m excited to be teaching a workshop again at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore. Last year I taughtone called Never Fear the People in Paraty, Brazil. This year I’m teaching yet another people-related workshop called Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd. You can read about … Continue reading

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