(All sorts of) People Drawing

One last post before a two-week blog-break for me. But lots to share at the end of two weeks, I promise.

Are you thinking of the #OneWeek100People2019 challenge yet? It’s coming up the week of April 8-12. If you are on facebook, join this group, it’s fun to see people get excited about what they’re going to sketch.

If you’re wondering what to draw, just remember, anything people-focussed goes. Drawing from life, from photos, at lifedrawing sessions, it’s all good. Here’s some sketches from last week, all of which would count for the challenge.

Random little color-and-chat sketches at Starbucks.

From the day I colored my hair red. Yup, it’s red now. Dark Quin Rose, actually: maybe that’s magenta?haricutcolor

And a couple of sketches from my son’s band concert. It was 80s themed: can you tell?80s

Sketching (and mostly eating) with friends this week. I ended up with a book recommendation and a quote that just has to be printed on a t-shirt.

Finally a bit of life-drawing today. I’ve been drawing on vellum for a while and now I have an idea brewing for layering and putting together some studies into a piece.

Some people get pretty elaborate with challenges. As a freelancer, I can do all the planning I want, but it’s just so hard to predict how much time I will have to draw in a week. So I set a basic goal that’s pretty doable and then a more ambitious one and just go with what my week can hold.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to (All sorts of) People Drawing

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  2. Nice sketches of people!!


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