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Cabin Fever

Weeks of rain with almost no break. A 3-day weekend and no way to get out without getting wet. Perfect formula for cabin fever? Luckily, I can draw (and redraw) my family. And since they’ve all long since decided I am terrible … Continue reading

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Monday Morning: Little sketches

Here are some of last week’s little sketches. While my little sketches, mostly done at home, don’t vary much in subject matter, I still enjoy just the act of making them, sometimes trying new stuff, but mostly just doing something over and over … Continue reading

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Quiet time at the library

Quiet sketches at the library Continue reading

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Magical Leg Splints

Sketching my everyday. Continue reading

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Drawing Crowe, telling jokes

A photon walks into a hotel. The guy at the front desk says, “Welcome! Can we help you with your luggage?” The photon says, “No thanks, I’m traveling light.” Continue reading

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A quick approach to mixing skintones

Every so often I get asked what colors I use to mix skintones. And my first response is “It depends on the skintone and the light”. While that’s true, there still is a loose color-mixing strategy I start with, and … Continue reading

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Portraits for a Fundraiser

Every year, my kid’s elementary school has a fundraiser and I paint little portraits to raise money for school. It’s 3 minute portraits at 5 dollars a portrait. Today I painted 40 of them in 4 hours. Here are some photos from the … Continue reading

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