Direct Watercolor, Day 1

It’s Day #1 of the Direct Watercolor challenge!

Here are two small (about 6×9 inches) urban sketches, done on location at my local Peets Coffee. I find Peets to be a great place for when I want to paint in neutrals. Their decor is so uniformly a single dark brown that you just have to play with what you see and liven it up and find warm and cool tones in it!

Both these are done from the same place, one after the other.

Here’s #1:dw_1b

And this is #2: dw_1a

Do you like one more than the other? And what about it?

If you want to do the challenge, it’s not too late, today is Day #1. You can join the Direct Watercolor group on facebook here. And when you post, tag your work with #30x30DirectWatercolor2018


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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Direct Watercolor, Day 1

  1. pbass wil says:

    “Do you like one more than the other? And what about it?”
    They’re two images in a similar style, I don’t prefer one.
    But I love your choice of warm-but-not-dull earthy hues; you’re using discipline, resisting super saturated colours!
    I like that they convey the darkness of the place, but there’s still a sense of light peeking thru, and enough contrast.
    I’m a big fan of ink/line, but these work without it.


    • Thank you! I’m a HUGE fan of line too, I think it brings something to sketches that I can’t do in just watercolor. But for this month, I’m committed to atleast one piece a day with no line I’ll still be working in line in addition to these no-line pieces 🙂


  2. Janis Jessop says:

    Hi…do you have some tips and tricks for this 30 day challenge…thanks in advance


  3. Definitely #2 because of the goldish, mustardish, yellowish colours you added to brighten it up.


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