Where’s the line?

I’ll be doing a lot of direct watercolor posts this month. But that’s just in addition to what I usually do, not instead of it.

Here are a bunch of random sketches from the last few days in my sketchbook.

This is the giant Warriors Arena in Mission Bay, San Francisco. Still under construction, it’s a HUGE stadium!

This one below is a World War reenactment I chanced upon at History Park, San Jose.

A more “everyday” sketch at my local coffee shop, Boulevard Coffee, San Jose. The regulars know that I might be drawing them, but they don’t care..

And finally a few quick sketches from baseball practice. Baseball season is almost over. I’ll be glad to have no-game weekends again, but I guess more sketching baseball will have to wait…

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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5 Responses to Where’s the line?

  1. pbass wil says:

    I’m in love with the two café guys pic! The beautiful chartreuse of the wall in the centre seems to anchor it all, doesn’t it?
    I’m sure it would’ve worked without lines, but I’m personally glad you outlined the figures. That way, they could be coloured & shaded with just a few splashes – so gestural, and expressive.
    I’m just a beginner, but your style gives me such good ideas for a creative approach. :^)


    • Thank you! ON this piece ( but not always) the line came first, which lest me do a single , very wet and loose watercolor pass over it. With line in place for definition, I’m free to let my washes merge and not worry about the sketch not ‘reading right’.


  2. pbass wil says:

    Suhita, sorry if this is off-topic, but this idea – line and tone not constraining each other – triggered a more general idea:
    There’s a parallel between that, and the relationship between critical thinking and creative thinking.
    Most people can only be creative within the lines of their rational assumptions. E.g.: An accountant can be playful; but only in the ‘appropriate’ context.

    Whereas poets, mystics, & true artists are freely creative.
    This doesn’t make them irrational – not remotely. Ration & creation _relate_; but they don’t constrain each other.

    Kinda like colouring outside the lines. :^}
    Please continue to do so! LOL!

    – pbass

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  3. Berrnadette says:

    These are exciting paintings! Love your figures but the stadium construction site is amazing. With all the details, your washes are so fresh and clean. I am envious! Guess I’ll have to continue to practice and look to you for inspiration to continue trying. Thanks for generously sharing your work!

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