More Lesson Plans (and a new workshop)

I posted a little while ago about using my Sketch Journal as a lesson planning and teaching tool. It’s been working wonderfully and I think I will just keep going and build all my lessons into my sketchbooks. Here are the last couple of weeks of lesson planning in a book.



I sketch a few spreads in my book for each class, and then use them as the shorthand version of what we discuss and work with for every session.


If you are local and couldn’t make it to the workshop the first time around, I’m re-teaching the “Introduction to Sketch Journaling” series as a Thursday night workshop from 7pm to 9pm at the lovely, comfortable A Work of Heart studio.

So grab a quick dinner after work. Andrea always has coffee, tea and munchies for youat the studio. And join me for eight Thursdays beginning April 18, 2019.


Details and link to register right here on my workshops page.


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10 Responses to More Lesson Plans (and a new workshop)

  1. I get so many great ideas from you I feel a bit guilty using them. But we tend to sketch similar things and not so divergent in style, so I really benefit from your input. As one who is new to leading workshops, though I have 25 years as a seminar speaker, you have become a bit of a mentor. I hope you know how valuable that is.

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  2. What a terrific workshop. I wish I had a Star Trek transporter to get me there. I’m “snowbound” in eastern Ontario, Canada. Thanks for sharing these spreads. Great explanation/illustration of these concepts.

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  3. Nice sketches, I really like the Spanish mission.

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  4. pbass wil says:

    Probably a strange thing to comment on, but: I really like your printing! ‘The Hills Around Almaden in the Summer’, etc. If that was a font, I’d buy it. :^)


  5. Bonnie-Britt Görcsös says:

    I would have loved doing this workshop but I live in Brittany, France. I attended to your online Craftsy workshop. Maybe one day you will suggest this workshop also online ????? I would be thrilled (and I probably would not be the only one).

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  7. Pat L says:

    Suhita, this workshop looks wonderful. Any chance that it’ll be on Craftsy along the way? And is there a good way for me to request that? I love your figure sketching class there.


  8. kimbidraws says:

    I wish your classes were on Skillshare.

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