Keepers of Memories, Stories and Lesson Plans

Looking back at some sketch journal pages from the recent past, and realizing they hold a lot.
Simple memories and notes. A spread from my journal from when I met with Frances Marin. I love her work, the places she paints have a magical, ethereal quality to them. Elva’s Coffee in Willow Glen. Looks old school but serves Bulletproof Coffee.drawing_with_frances

Looking back at the spread reminds me that I really liked a couple of the  Case for Making watercolors I tried from her palette and that I should stop by the store when I’m in San Francisco. And that I want to add “Your Art Will save Your Life” to my reading list.

Food memories. Yes, that’s a special category. Every so often, an In-n-Out lunch is required. A double-double with grilled onions and fries please. I never draw my food at In-n-Out, I eat it too quickly. Much easier to draw the crowds.innout

Bits of history. Here’s an old-meets-new scene in San Jose. In the foreground, those electric scooters that are all the rage in downtown. In the background, the American Can Company building, from 1912. History is everywhere, we just need to look. Walking a neighborhood, stopping and reading an old faded sign searching up something you see when you wander. They open new doors to stories your city holds.uma_studio

Study Notes. This one is a spread from my sketch journal for this week’s Sketch Journaling class. We’re at week 3 of 8 weeks, and we’re drawing a pile of our favorite books. That class is full, but to get on a mailing list for new workshops email me.books3

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Keepers of Memories, Stories and Lesson Plans

  1. pbass wil says:

    Aw, awesome. I love the colour harmonies at the In-n-Out, the various hues & blends of red especially. And once again, not _too_ many hues to boggle the mind, it’s got colour focus: green/blue, ruddy/reddish, and brown. Perfect!


  2. You are so amazing at journaling. I’m always amazed with how much you communicate in each of your pages with the people and places.

    Liked by 1 person

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