Life Drawing, Studies & Urban Sketches

For a while now, I’ve been ending almost every week’s life drawing session with a  watercolor portrait of the model. I’m especially interested in exploring the head in light and shade and in looking at skin tones and seeing many colors in them.



I see the most nuances when drawing from life. But photographs are useful too, especially for studying  proportions and how the head looks at different angles. The page below is a spread of demos done at a recent workshop.


All this study from life and photographs really helps me in urban sketching. Knowing and understanding the structure of the face and how light hits it helps me see both of those better even under often-confusing multiple light sources.

It also helps when I’m drawing people around me in quick ink sketches.

And that’s what I like best, when every bit of what I do informs another part of my art-practice, and no learning and practice stands alone and separate.

Speaking of drawing heads (and drawing people in general), the challenge “One Week 100 People” is coming back. I’ll be joining Marc Holmes and Liz Steel for the challenge this time. Will you? If you plan to, mark your calendars for the week of April 8th, 2019 and brush up those people-drawing skills. More details soon!

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5 Responses to Life Drawing, Studies & Urban Sketches

  1. Yes I do want to try that challenge of 100 heads. Please keep me posted. I also love the direct watercolor challenge and look forward to that again you are such an inspiration.

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  2. You are outstandingly talented, supplemented by hours and hours of working at your craft.

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  3. Chris says:

    I’ve started the year already drawing people. I’ve been avoiding it for to long now so I can’t wait for this challenge.

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  4. Nice sketches of people.

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