More from Disneyland

I don’t do rides, so a trip to Disneyland means my husband and kids stand in lines all day for rides, I meet them every once in a while for a snack and I sketch the rest of the day.

Besides, this parade series, I ended up with quite a few more sketches from my day. Mouse-ear watching is an activity I enjoy. I’m fascinated by the variety of ears: There’s a “classic” version: velvet ears and a red bow with polka dots. And then there’s the more blingy version with sequins, in red and black or all-pink, there’s the all-silver version, the oversized (even by mouse standards) ears, the minimalist only-bow-no-ears kind and every once in a while you see an everything version: sequins, rhinestones, velvet, and feathers.


So I went looking for where these ears come from and found a mouse-ear stall. And a fairy godmother.


And a balloon man.

And a Tomorrowland ride that was fun to draw.


The very best people-watching spot is by a bronze sculpture of Disney and Mickey called Partners. Most people stop by there to get their picture taken.



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5 Responses to More from Disneyland

  1. Looks like you don’t need to go on the rides to have fun and you are very observant and quick with the pen. Well done! Thanks for taking us along…


  2. miatagrrl says:

    Oh, man, these are fantastic and so much fun! One of my goals in life is to go back to Disneyland (I’ve been there several times as a kid and as an adult), this time with my sketchbook.



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