Valladolid, Part 2.

Casa Hamaca, the bed&breakfast we stayed at in Valladolid is a big part of what made the town so lovely. An old home, it is beautifully restored and filled with art collected by the owner Denis Larsen.

This is the kitchen staff making cinnamon rolls for breakfast in a kitchen covered in talavera tile.

And breakfast is served under a thatched porch hung with pinatas.

Every morning Denis goes off to the market. I went along one day and sketched these two pieces. Markets are one of my favorite things to see in a city. The meat market reminded my of the wet market I sketched in Siam Riep, although this was a less crowded market with larger stalls.

And this vegetable seller had a table loaded with jicamas and local honey bottled in plastic water bottles.

And, did I mention Denis Larsen is also a beekeeper who has stingless Mexican bees? And the staff at Casa Hamaca makes a fabulous margarita on the rocks? If you go to Valladolid, you know where to go stay!

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to Valladolid, Part 2.

  1. lolli says:

    Dear Suhita
    Just read your blog….VALLADOLID PART 2….And I must say those cinnamon rolls sound to die for

    Love you paintings and sketches, I am enjoying reading about your travels


  2. Ruth Byrn says:

    Such wonderful drawings! I always enjoy your posts Suhita. (And I learn from them!)


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