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Tinted paper, Accordion Folds

I bought a large roll of tinted paper for my weekly figure study session, and I folded some of it into little accordion-folded sheets to carry around in my sketchbook. This was the first one I used last week. Today, I … Continue reading

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Drawing Busy Places: At the supermarket

I love sketching busy places. One place that’s guaranteed to have a crowd ( and good pastries) is the Whole Foods Market not far from home. Capturing crowds of people and color and texture is always exciting. I love the challenge of conveying … Continue reading

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Milk Pail Market, Mountain View

I love this little market in Mountain View. It’s narrow aisles, it’s collection of fantastic cheeses (and generous samplers), the tables and boxes all overflowing with produce, the handlettered cardboard signs, and the people who come here and carefully select … Continue reading

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Summertime is… Farmers’ Markets

Here in San Jose, we’re lucky to have Farmers’ Markets all year round, but they’re extra-special in the summer. The fruit stands are a riot of color: peaches, plums, nectarines, little green sour plums. But you have to get there early … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Markets

Sketching at Farmers Markets always poses a dilemma: should I just capture the stalls full of fresh fruits and veges? Or try and build in the sea of humanity that walks through too quickly? If I build in the people, … Continue reading

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Spent just 2 days there, now I want to go spend a whole winter there, staying in a barsati, sketching everyday. What a city! Stop1: Early morning at Isa Khan’s tomb. I found a sunny spot- no sitting in the … Continue reading

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