Cambodia: The markets of Siam Riep

The main market of Siam Riep covered a whole block. Around it’s perimeter were stalls that mostly sold dry good, like this seller of tens of varieties of rice.


And this cart selling satay.


But the inside of the market is what really came alive. The fish market with crabs, shrimp, eel and fish of every size. And lots of stuff I couldn’t identify.




The chicken stalls where plucked chickens were washed and then displayed, feet up.


In the middle of it all sat this seamstress, working away at her sewing.


The fruit and vegetable market with many varieties of bananas, mangosteen and dragon fruit.siam_riep_market1

And stalls that sold pickle-like snacks that were super popular with locals. This lady waved a plastic bag on a stick and lit a candle to keep flies off her goods.


I moved between many different stalls over the course of the afternoon and sketched the individual sellers. Its always a bit of a balancing act, with my sketchbook, pens and watercolors in a place as crowded as this, but I really enjoy the experience of standing up close and capturing the action. It helps me capture detail and gesture and draw in little stories around these quick portraits.

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16 Responses to Cambodia: The markets of Siam Riep

  1. Nice way of capturing the place. Great sketches


  2. Nisha says:

    I like your sketch work…really nice..


  3. hugo costa says:

    Great how you can transmit the atmosphere that you witness , as always!


  4. Amo molto il tuo nuovo uso dei colori: è chiaro, trasparente, luminoso, pulito, sereno! Quale palet di colori stai usando, per favore? Grazie! E’ bello seguirti, sei molto produttiva e stimolante, io cerco di imparare leggendo le tue note e spiegazioni ed osservando a lungo i tuoi bellissimi sketch narranti vita viva. Grazie!


  5. Sorry, here the translated test. – I love your new use of colors: clear, transparent, bright, clean, peaceful! Which pallet of colors you are using, please? Thank you!I ‘nice to follow you, you are very productive and stimulating, I try to learn by reading your notes and explanations and observing long your beautiful sketch narrating life alive. Thank you!


  6. Erik madsen says:

    Wonderful story via sketches


  7. Kirk Whiteside says:

    Really liked the picture of the rice seller with the added detail of the crossed feet.


  8. I think these are your best sketches ever…absolutely brilliant how you captured these moments, Suhita!


  9. Lee Kline says:

    It seems that the Urban Sketchers Symposium had a great effect on your work. So wonderful, your drawings and colors.


    • Lee, it’s hard to describe how much it does for me ( and I suspect for anyone else who attends): the inspiration, the energy, the exchange of ideas…Its my once-a-year recharge and I come home with things to work on and ideas to try…hope you make it to one sometime soon, totally worth it!


  10. Superb sketches Suhita! And I was already jealous of those who continued off to places like Cambodia, you just made it worse.


    • Murray, I did what you did the first year when I was correspondent: few in on day1, flew out one day after the symposium. After that i decided i need a few days to decompress( by sketching!) and get to draw with friends before heading back. I added 5 days to my trip and got in 3.5 days of very intense sketching. It was amazing.


  11. Good advice Suhita, I will try that next time – it has to be better than going straight into work as I did! It was a pleasure sketching with you in Singapore.


  12. rebecca says:

    what beautiful accountings of Cambodia. I really like your style, very fluid and you keep the colors very clean and vibrant. Your pen work is a nice compliment, a nice weight.


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