If you visit the Yucatan peninsula and have one of those crazy schedules where you can’t see more than one location with ruins ( I don’t recommend you do that, see as many as you can) then Coba would be a good choice. Yes, I know everyone goes to Chicen-Itza. But Coba is special.

You walk, bike or take a cycle-rickshaw thorough shady paths in the forest. The main pyramid is the highest in the Yucatan Peninsula. And you can still scale it. Which is great because it takes getting to the top to have a feel for just how amazing these tall and steep structures are, all surrounded by the jungle.

The pyramids get all the attention, but I’m most intrigued by the ball courts. For all the certainty with which every tour guide explains the ball game, not enough is known about it to be sure of how it was played. What seems pretty certain is that it was a very hard game to play. And maybe even very long.
cancun_coba_ruins_ballcourtSee those small stone rings at the top of those sloping walls? You (probably) had to get a very heavy ball through them without using your hands or feet to hit it.

All the time I was sketching this my daughter sketched me sketching the ball court. I love that she’s a fearless sketcher, and no subject is too complicated to take on. Her tiny sketch has all the sketching gear I dumped on the ground , me and my sketchbook, the forest behind me, the ballcourt behind that and even my son in the distance.

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6 Responses to Coba

  1. Antje says:

    What an intriguing post; I would really like like to learn more about this ball game! The sketches are so wonderful, and it is great that your daughter is an avid sketcher, too!


  2. Thank you for these sketches. I really like how you capture the jungle mass


  3. Oh yes, your daughter is very observant and shows great talent !


  4. It’s so fun to be on this trip with you! I took my two kids to the same places when they were teens and you and your daughter have captured it so well.


  5. Nancy Cunningham says:

    It’s not a good idea to encourage people to climb the pyramids. The Egyptian Department of Antiquities forbade climbing their pyramids decades ago to prevent the inevitable destruction by climbers’ feet. Better to enjoy them from below.


  6. miatagrrl says:

    With a mom like you, I can’t imagine how she learned to be such a fearless sketcher! 😉 Fantastic sketches from both of you!

    – Tina


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