Akumal Bay

Here’s what Trip Advisor said about Akumal Bay:
If you are in Playa Del Carmen or Tulum a terrific day trip is the beach at Akumal Bay.  The beach has super white sand and the water is clear, with no waves – it is perfect for children and families and anyone looking for a quiet, calm beach and fantastic snorkeling.

Not true. White sand, yes, if you can find it between all the bodies on the beach. Quiet? No. Not one bit. Still, it was fun to sketch.

And a closeup of the pages:

I did two sketches. The one above was the second one, and it captured the feel of the crowd better. Here’s #1. Sometimes it just takes a second attempt (or a third) to get it right.
cancun_akumalbeach2About the snorkeling? We did see loads of sea turtles right off shore. They were beautiful.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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4 Responses to Akumal Bay

  1. Miss Keene says:

    Beautiful! As with Isla, I saw Playa Del Carmen and Akumal when the area was mostly empty. What a treat! And I’m happy for the Mexican’s now having business, and the international community there. Thanks for your beautiful art!


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