Costa Rica, Part 3

Getting from Arenal to the cloud forest in Monteverde involves a ferry ride across Lake Arenal, a huge manmade lake that once generated 70% of Costa Rica’s electricity.

The cloud forest is like something out of a dream. The mist never clears and it never truly stops raining. There are a million layers and textures of vegetation, and every imaginable shade of green. Trees compete for light, and are covered in bromeliads and mosses and are taken over by strangler figs and fungi.
This is a guide at the Monteverde cloud forest, setting up his scope to look at birds in a nearby tree.

And this is yet another waterfall I attempted to sketch in the rain. I think I’m going to pass this one off as an abstract painting.


There’s nothing like a good hot cocoa at the end of a very wet hike. What’s missing here is a sketch of the hundreds of humming birds just outside the cafe.monteverde_hot_chocolate

A marimba troupe played at dinner that night. CR_monteverde_marimba

I have very few sketches of our time in Monteverde. The beautiful cloud forests? The views of the thick canopies from hanging bridges in the forest? Not one sketch to record them. But they were so beautiful, they’re etched  in my brain. Maybe one day I’ll paint that picture that’s in my head.
Coming up next: Our last 4 days of  sun, sand and some wildlife at Manuel Antonio National Park.

Post 1 and Post 2 from our Costa Rica trip here:

And all my sketches from my trip with none of my commentary in this flickr set.

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  1. Love the waterfall one especially!


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