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Small Sketches from an eventful week

Bits and pieces from last week. My very last school Halloween Parade (next year I have two middle schoolers, no more school parades…) The usual share of Pikachus, pandas, dinosaurs, unicorns. The bawling baby (in a pull up) took the … Continue reading

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The Physics Show

Having fun with physics at The Physics Show. Continue reading

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Monday Morning: Little sketches

Here are some of last week’s little sketches. While my little sketches, mostly done at home, don’t vary much in subject matter, I still enjoy just the act of making them, sometimes trying new stuff, but mostly just doing something over and over … Continue reading

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Daily Sketching and Inspiration

With sketching everyday, I’m not looking so much for inspiration on what to sketch. Just anything that is in my daily life that catches my eye will do-it’s only a little sketch after all.  But last week was especially challenging … Continue reading

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Lazy Backyard time with my parents

My parents visited from India. The one thing we do everyday is share an evening drink together in the backyard. My dad is a scotch and soda kind of guy. My mum downs her Sprite in no time and everyone else … Continue reading

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Cobalt Teal Blue

Do you have colors you get fascinated by every once in a while? When you carry around a small, limited palette like I do, you need to make sensible color choices, but every so often I have in there a fun … Continue reading

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Sketches from a weekend morning

A walk in the park… Continue reading

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