Faces of Recovery: Shalesh P,

“Faces of Recovery” is an ongoing project with members of Recovery Cafe, San Jose

Shalesh P. walks into the room with a bounce in his step and talks about a not-so-simple past, his path to recovery, and his hopes for the future, with an optimism that we could all learn from.

Recovery Cafe San Jose is so much more than a safe place for anyone in recovery. It is also a place to learn new skills and participate in activities that bring purpose to life.

Anna Brown‘s energy is infectious. Through her Community Chorus class, she never sat down while she played the piano, sang, choreographed movement for the songs and keep the spirits of this group of singers high throughout an hour of intensive practice.


You can read every story in this series so far here. You can read more about and support the amazing work of Recovery Cafe San Jose here.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to Faces of Recovery: Shalesh P,

  1. Nancy Ransom Zeller says:

    This is so powerful. Their stories, the community, Anna’s energy and how you bring it to life for us.

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  2. IRENE Reinhold says:

    Dear Suhita. I have followed you for several years since I took a class on ( I can’t remember which) an online platform. Love your work but I am particularly moved by the recovery café sketches and stories. So lovely and respectful of people who have landed on the margins and working so hard to get back to a decent life. Teaches us so much. Keep them coming. Irene

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  3. Rick Frisbie says:

    Do you teach short term classes in person or on line?


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