India Summer ’22: More from Goa

More bits from Goa: Sketches from different neighborhoods, mostly in Panjim: Sao Tome, Campal and Miramar. And of course, some food-related sketches and photos.

Day 2 sketching with Darpana and we wander the Sao Tome neighborhood of Panjim. I rarely have the patience for a detailed sketch of a grand building, but I love capturing small vignettes of the bits that catch my attention.

This first piece has a quick sketch of the facade of a home with pullouts of details that interested me: the bright colors, the gothic pillars, the cleverly designed teak shutters and the wood detailing on the balcony. Also, I now see I drew two plants I meant to find out the names of. They’re ixora and spurges, says my INaturalist app.

The page below is a gathering of sketches from wandering the neighborhood. It documents eating my first ros omlette and following it up later in the day with a pastel de nata and some dodol. It also has details from two building facades, sketched while sitting in front of the old post office.

And while we’re talking food, this is a sketch of a hole-in-the-wall thali place my parents love, Sharada Bar.

It’s that distinctive “hand on hip while eating” gesture that made me pull out my sketchbook in spite of the big thali that had arrived before me. See it in the photo below? Also, I’m eating yet another fish thali with a side of kalwa.

This big red vehicle that the lifeguards use on Miramar beach? I assumed it was a Jeep, but friends tell me it’s the Thar. I liked how the red looked against the orange flag and the vast expanse of the beach.

Evening time means it’s time for the kankonn, a ring-shaped bread baked fresh only in the evening specifically for dipping in your evening tea. Little kids who are teething are sometimes given one of these to chew on.

It’s dark by now and Panjim’s main church is all lit up, so I sketch it. Next time, I need to stand under a light source so I can see what I’m sketching!

This house is in the Campal neighborhood of Panjim, on a quiet street with a park in front of it. I sketched it for the plumeria tree and the bougainvillea in the front yard.

Can’t end a set of Goa sketches without these two little pages: on the left, a random bar in Goa with a Kingfisher Beer banner. And on the right, sketches while people-watching.

This might be the last Goa post, but it isn’t the end of my sketches from India. If you missed previous posts, they are here:

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