Sunday in Chinatown

I spent all of Mother’s Day with Laurie and Uma, sketching, visiting art stores and galleries, and eating around San Francisco. You can see both of their sketches from that day on their instagram feeds.

I’ll say this first because I can’t get over how bizarre it was: a good bit of Chinatown has streets blocked off for cars, so we sat in the middle of what used to be one of the busiest streets and sketched.

Uma took this photo of me in the middle of the street
And I took this hard-to-tell-it’s-Uma picture of her.
This was our viewpoint.

And here is that sketch.

From a different viewpoint, over dim-sum a little later in the day, a second little piece.

And for one last sketch, I stood outside a little shop and sketched it’s small dark interior and a hint of all that it contained. It has been so long since I stood close to action and sketched. (I was still 8 or 10 feet away. Usually, I like to draw super-closeup when capturing small, crowded spaces)

Still, it felt like a big deal, to be able to do the sort of sketching I miss so much. And while I say that, I’m keenly aware that not all sketchers around the world are in the same place as I am. Not everyone has access to the vaccine yet nor are covid cases on the decline. We’re not done with this crisis until we solve it for everyone, everywhere.

Thank you to everyone who sent donations to Khalsa Aid in India to help get oxygen and food to the most needy. I sent these postcards out to the first 15 of you that responded. Wish I had more to send out.

About Suhita Shirodkar

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4 Responses to Sunday in Chinatown

  1. Nice pictures and sketches of Chinatowen, or vaccine rollout is really ramping up now, about 45% of people here have had their first dose, but a lot just got it over the last few weeks, cases are slowly going down, but hopefully in a few months things will be much better. Fingers crossed.

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  2. Cool experience! I wonder if anyone went up to you to look over your shoulder. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Judith Carruthers says:

    So glad to see you at it again! We’ve been extended for two weeks but then I’ll be out too! Thanks for relighting the spark

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