Nola’s Iris Garden

Nola’s Iris Garden is far up winding roads in the hills on the east side of San Jose. So far up and out of the city, it feel like you are in another world. Nina and I spent a couple of hours there, immersed in field of iris trying to decide what to draw and paint from the bounty around us.

I started with a little accordion fold book (really, just a piece of BFK Reeves Printmaking Paper folded in mountain and valley folds) and drew in a couple of specimens from the over 2500 varieties of iris in the gardens.

I plan to draw more varieties into the book on my next visit, but I wanted my next couple of sketches to capture the sense of surprise and overwhelm of this first visit. So I followed it up with these two piece.

You can see why these look like they do when you look at these photographs. Nina and I literally sat among a sea of flowers.

If you’d live in the area, there’s still a couple of weeks in which you can catch the late-blooming flowers. Check out Nola’s Iris Garden here. Not local? Nola’s can ship iris bulbs to you.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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2 Responses to Nola’s Iris Garden

  1. Nice Irises, I believe the Flag Iris is the provincial flower of Quebec, they grow naturally around here in late June, they also look like a Fleur De Lis. I live in Ontario, but I am very close to the border. I really like the 3 paintings you captured, they look very abstract.

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  2. wildstorm says:

    I’ve bought iris from this farm before and they bloomed lovely this Spring. Nice to see what you have captured in your art of her beautiful blooms!

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