Baja, California Sur: 6

Just one full day for us in Todos Santos, on the Pacific coast of Baja, about an hour north of Cabo. The kids and I spent the day volunteering with a Sea Turtle Conservation program called Tortugueros Las Playitas. The program, Marine Biologist for the Day teaches you a little bit about sea turtles, trains you to monitor and evacuate nests and help with turtle release at sunset.

What the day looked like was me and the kids at the beach most of the day, me drawing, them working hard getting clean fresh sand for newly hatched turtles to rest in, checking nests at 15 minute intervals, recording baby turtles as they came up from various nests, and cleaning out nests at the end of the evening. All this before it was time to release hatchlings at the end of the day.

Watching 50+ baby Ridleys trek down the beach into the ocean that evening was incredible. Tiny, just-born, they clammer down the beach and swim off into the big, wild waves of the Pacific Ocean. We will be thinking of them 10 years from now, wondering if any of them headed back to this beach to lay their eggs as adults…

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  1. Very interesting sketches of the kids helping with the seaturtle conservation!!


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