Baja, California Sur: 2

Boats in the night, when we arrived in La Paz. I’m using my super-small palette here with a waterbrush. The small palette I have no trouble with. Water brushes, I might learn to like and use. Some day, but not yet.

La Paz is a big city we didn’t see much of. But we loved our day out in the ocean, snorkeling among some gorgeous reefs and out on the islands around La Paz. We also loved our b&b full of tropical plants and pets. The kids loved the animals. Also, everywhere we went, people made sure to tell us to look at and admire the shells on the beach but not take any home. I liked that.

A quick sketch before we boarded our boat headed off to Isla Espiritu Santo. Wish I could sketch in moving cars and boats, there was so much to paint!lapaz_boat1

And a couple of sketches from an overcast but beautiful day on the island. Lunch, not sketched, was ceviche, which felt so right.

Two pages of little stuff. Warm weather, tropical vegetation and color all make me so happy. Mexican tile and good coffee is the icing on the cake. Hacienda Paraiso de La Paz is the lovely home of Richard and Gloria that we stayed at. Gloria designed the home and it is filled with her art and beautiful crafts from all over Mexico.

And some meals in sketches. When a cup of warm shrimp broth arrives as soon as you sit down, you know you’ve found a good spot. With just the demi-palette and a waterbrush, the food, my beer and my sketchbook can co-exist on the table.


Next up, a little fishing village by Magdalena Bay.

Here is my first post from the trip.

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3 Responses to Baja, California Sur: 2

  1. Nice artwork. I like your pictures of your food, and people at the restaurant.

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  2. I really enjoyed the bright color and action and all your shots/scenes. The beach scenes in pastels is a lovely change too.

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  3. deborah siouxthorup says:

    I agree about the bright colors. Adds Lovely vibrancy to your journal.


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