Keeping at it through the holidays

You’re probably sick of hearing by now how much it’s helped me to be working in a smaller book, on these messy journal pages. Well, here’s another post kinda to the same tune.

Drawing through December is tough because I do a fair bit of commissioned illustration and well, it all ends up working it’s way right upto the holiday deadline. Little breaks in my day to work in my journal help me feel like I did some drawing just for myself. Also, mostly drawing on my birthday, that one I love !

This first spread is birthday sketch #1, done with Srivani of TeaAndMarmalade over a long coffee. Good chatting, and some good book recommendations too.

Sketch Session #2 of the day with the inimitable Uma Kelkar. Beer flights and chocolate mousse at our local Whole Foods. This is Art Graf water-soluble graphite in a tin.

More pages from this month. Sometimes they all start to resemble each other ( same coffee shop, same neighborhood, same people), and while that may not be so interesting to you viewing them on this blog, they serve their purpose in being a my record of my everyday life and b) my daily-ish practice.


This is my local post office on Dent Avenue in San Jose. I was in to send off my packages and then I hung out an extra half hour and did this sketch. 2 employees at the counter. 100% polite, patient, helpful and cheerful. And that’s with 57 people coming through that door in a half hour. I don’t know how they do it.

More note-taking than drawing in these two spreads done around my family and eating…

One last sketch for this post, this one done with Iva, who our local sketchers know well as the resident fountain pen expert.

That’s it in my sketch journal in December (so far). How has your sketching been going in the middle of this holiday frenzy?


About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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8 Responses to Keeping at it through the holidays

  1. judy plummer says:

    Thanks. I’ve been. so bored with my everyday, same stuff, same places, but this is such a good reminder to just be keeping at it!

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  2. These are beautiful!!! It’s great to document everyday life:-) Very inspiring!

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  3. Great to see your work Suhita! Very inspiring. I love the freshness and spontaneity of your colour and brushwork. What sketchbook do you use?
    (I met you at USk symposiums. Love the idea of beer flight and chocolate.)

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  4. Nice sketches, I really like your glass of coke, and people at the restaurant.

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  5. miatagrrl says:

    I love seeing your everyday mundanity! Mine is just as mundane… fruit, cars, power lines…

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  6. Ahh perspective, for so many years all I sketched in was 3.5” x5.5” Moleskine journals, so when I moved up to the size you are calling smaller I thought it was huge. I must admit that your small size is now my normal, but the huge books you so often use are rare for me, though I did get one.

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