Back in New York, Part 6: It’s fun being a tourist

It doesn’t get more touristy than Times Square. Can’t say I understand why tens of thousands of tourists parade through it everyday. But it is super-fun to sketch.
times_square2 times_square1

Next stop? Grand Central. I wish I’d sketched the beautiful turquoise ceiling to this huge space, it’s is really beautiful.grand_central

My favorite part of the Natural History Museum is the dioramas. They have beautifully painted backdrops… such depth and and atmosphere in those paintings! But my kids spent the most time in the dino section. So that’s where I sketched.
museum_of_natural_historyThat’s it from New York. I think I’m ready to go back already.

If you missed my earlier New York posts, they’re here:  post #1, post #2 , post #3, post#4 and post#5.
And, all my sketches from my trip to the city,here on flickr.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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6 Responses to Back in New York, Part 6: It’s fun being a tourist

  1. carmeling says:

    Remarkable work….especially the crowds….


  2. hememd says:

    I LOVE your sketchbook paintings of New York City, and just wish I could sit looking over your shoulder as you capture the very essence of my current hometown!!


  3. Sue Pownall says:

    This whole series of NY sketches have been inspiring.


  4. david prynn says:

    Great loose and livley, better than a photo


  5. david prynn says:

    such livley colourful and above all alive


  6. david prynn says:

    great livley work, i can walk into your paintings


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