Paraty by the Sea

In Paraty, you never forget you are by the sea. There are, of course, the colorful fishing boats (which I  sketched a lot ). And then there is this fascinating flooding of the city. Paraty was designed so that the streets are flooded by the high tide when there is a full moon. Every month, for just a few hours, these floods turn the cobbled streets into reflecting pools that are great fun to sketch.

Here are my sketches from one afternoon’s flood.paraty_wet-street4
paraty_wet-street3And here are some photographs of the tide coming in through openings in the seawalls and of sketchers at work, capturing the phenomenon. We’ sketchers are a dedicated bunch, aren’t we?


This sketch was made as the water retreated, leaving little puddles for this boy to play in with his make-believe fishing rod.paraty_wet-street2My other tryst with the sea was on a boat excursion to the little islands that dot Paraty Bay. It was so relaxing to fill in a page with notes and tiny sketches while we cruised: no large image to capture before it was gone, and a page full of little notes and memories I would have lost if I hadn’t sketched… I really need to do more of these pages.

More sketches from the boat and from an island we docked at for lunch.paraty_islandday2


paraty_islandday4Still more from Paraty coming up soon. And all my sketches form Brazil, as I upload them, here on flickr.

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