Paraty’s churches

Paraty is a little town, with only a handful of churches. Here are 4 I sketched over my stay. The Santa Rita church, the oldest one in the city. Drawings buildings is fun, but add in a scaffolding and a guy wheeling a barrow into the picture, and the scene really comes alive.


The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Benedict, a simpler, more rustic church. Made even simpler in my sketch because I ‘forgot’ to sketch in 2 big windows that are such an integral part of the facade. Still, I like the capture of the watery light that morning in this sketch.
Seen the the middle of my sketch: guy taking selfie in front of the church. I find myself sketching this selfie-taking pose more and more these days.


Probably the largest and grandest of Paraty’s churches is Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora do Remédios on Matriz Square. Sketched during the big sketchcrawl at the end of the symposium. Which means it was sketched quickly (so many people to chat with and say goodbye to) and in the fading light.paraty_church

And finally, the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows. Sketched from across the river, early one morning with this group. I loved those early morning sketch sessions.
paraty-across_waterMore sketches from Brazil coming soon. Or, all of them , as I post them, here on flickr.

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8 Responses to Paraty’s churches

  1. irinadim says:

    Absolutely beautiful!


  2. Marcia Milner-Brage says:

    You were so prolific in Paratay! Wonderful set.


  3. Love the fact that in some of these sketches are elements on the move (people), and other elements not going anywhere at all, yet every element is caught with the same loose and detailed line work. The consistency of style throughout is very nice – and nicely done.


  4. Fabio says:

    Hello Suhita! Excellent works, again and again! You have material for a book. Thanks so much! 🙂 Fabio


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