Seasonal Flowers

The dahlias are all gone now, but a couple of weeks ago, I brought home these beauties from the farmers’ market and painted them.

Here’s a link to a short video of me making this piece.

And here are some sunflowers from the next weekend.

Happy Monday!

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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8 Responses to Seasonal Flowers

  1. Thomas Richmond says:

    Very nicely done. I especially like the angle looking up at the greens and the flowers from below.

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  2. Sunflowers are delightful!

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  3. Terry H says:

    These are really stunning, so vibrant!

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  4. Diane Winters says:

    Wow, I love watching you work and both paintings are stunning.

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  5. Excellent sketches of Daliahs, We used to plant them years ago, and start them from bulbs. Unfortunately they never came up as good from bulbs as the ones at the garden centre. But I still see sometimes massive 4ft tall Daliah’s in peoples front yards. I really like how you added texture with a pen.

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  6. karen Bruett says:

    Your posts are wonderful. I love traveling with you, whether it’s to the farmers’ market or the mountains. Thx for sharing your interpretation of beautiful spots and objects. I was part of your Vermont online class and hope to pick up another workshop. Thanks too for introducing us to other online resources. Much appreciated!

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    • Karen, as it gets cold again, I’lll be back to more online teaching for a while. But next spring and summer, I want to get out and teach and paint on location and I’m on the lookout for interesting places in the country to do it!


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