More from Grand Teton National Park

More of the amazing Tetons. Who even cares what the final sketch looks like when you get to hang out at this beautiful bend in the Snake River, and take some time drinking it all in while you sketch.

We drove up to Yellowstone the next day. Luckily, that means driving across Teton National Park. This spot at Ox Bow Bend Lake is where we stopped and ate our sandwiches at lunchtime.

And as we approached the north end of the park, we were in for a treat.

All I got on my page on location was the drawing in pen. But making mental notes of the colors helped because my photos didn’t capture the purples in the distant hills as I remembered them.

In this series so far:
Off to the Grand Tetons
Grand Teton National Park

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11 Responses to More from Grand Teton National Park

  1. Leanne Burr says:

    Just beautiful! Love your travel perspectives.

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  2. Connie says:

    These are lovely memories.


  3. Becky says:

    So beautiful!!

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  4. Jennifer nichols says:

    Beautiful sketches and location…I especially love the Buffalo’s 🤗

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  5. Jeanne M Anson says:

    We were there last week, it was much too smokey to get great views, or be outside for very long. Beautiful photos and paintings!

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  6. I love that area, and hope to do some plein air watercolor paintings there myself some time in the future! Love your paintings!

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  7. Hurrah, out and about! Lovely paintings.


  8. Fabulous images! I especially love the way you included your sketchbook in the scene with the Mountain View in the distance. Of course, I always love seeing your brilliant drawings intermingled with photographs of the scenes, wherever you are!


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