The Persimmons are Here

Persimmon season is short. I don’t eat persimmon much, but I LOVE to draw and paint them, so when they are around, they’re pretty much all I draw and paint at home.

Since I draw the same fruit over and over, I like to switch my supplies up a bit each time. For my first piece, I picked this palette of colors to work with.

And then, with the same setup I did a second piece, this time using Noodler’s Ink’s Apache Sunset as my main yellow-orange on the persimmon, then switching back to watercolor for the rest. I am completely in love with that ink. It is gorgeous both as a writing and drawing ink and to paint with.

Here is a short video of me painting that piece.

You can be sure there will be more persimmon showing up in my stream in the near future.


In other news:

• In an international giveaway, Doodlewash has a free signed copy of my new book right now. Enter to win it. (Or order it online, or find it at your nearest bookstore.)

• Looking to start putting books on your holiday book list? Here are some recommendations from Shari Blaukopf. (Thank you Shari for including my book. I put a couple of books from this list on my wishlist!)

• If you enjoy listening to podcasts, and you love Urban Sketching, you might already know of The Sneaky Artist podcast. I spoke to Nishant Jain, the artist behind the podcast recently. You can give it a listen here. If you haven’t listened to them all, find them all online here.

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7 Responses to The Persimmons are Here

  1. Gorgeous paintings of gorgeous fruit. There are many great recipes for including persimmons in cookies and they’re very easy to bake into tea bread, the way you might add bananas. In case you’d like to try.

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  2. Nice drawings of a a fruit I have never heard of before. I really should try Daniel Smith Watercolours. Its amazing how many pigments they have, each with their own unique qualities.

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  3. Sensitive and juicy! Love these paintings.
    Thank you for the video, what a treat to see your process. Direct to watercolour! What skill.

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  4. pw57 says:

    Why don’t you eat the persimmons Suhita? After you have done a few paintings and drawings of them they should be ripe to eat! I love your on-going persimmon pieces. The large ones are really lovely. You have got all those lines in the greens just right!


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