Baby Food and Watercolor

Not too much work that I do in my other life, as a freelance illustrator, make it to this blog. But this assignment I just had to post because it was so much fun to work on and the original inspiration for this whole set of work was this sketch of radishesΒ from my garden, done a long time ago.


Early this year I created these watercolor illustrations for a new line of organic baby food. Here is a small sampling from the literally hundreds of veges and fruits I painted.

While it was a ton of fun to paint them, it is even more exciting to see the product finally appear on the shelves of stores…

Many thanks to the wonderful creative team I worked with: I had a blast working with you!


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22 Responses to Baby Food and Watercolor

  1. karen colson says:

    YUMMMMY art work! I want to buy the product and I dont even have a baby! πŸ˜‰ Congratulations.

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  2. bmweeks says:

    Love it! It’s so fresh and delicious looking, perfect!

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  3. These look fab… They really sell the product. What lovely pictures

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  4. Christy says:

    Really fresh and colorful! Great job -lots of work! Thanks for sharing.
    Now, can I pick your brain? This is just the kind of thing I wanted to try-the freelance thing. I paint and paint but would love to see some things on products. Do you have to know Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator? I’m not a graphic designer so maybe this is beyond my reach.
    Any tips appreciated! Or a site I could look at to save you time. πŸ™‚

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  5. rhodadraws says:

    Delicioso…que rico!

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  6. ChesapkLady says:

    These are charming and YUMMY! Well done, and thanks for sharing them.

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  7. Nancy Waldron says:

    Congratulations. Love to see watercolor on labels at grocery stores. Sure sells a product for me. Yours are beautiful and fresh.

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  9. Terrific! I no longer have babies or the need for baby food, it I’ll enjoy seeing this on the grocery shelf and knowing you are behind it.

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  10. Suma CM says:

    So cool! Hopefully they will inspire little ones to eat fruit and veg … and to paint! πŸ™‚

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  11. Nice work, I really like your patterning with the fruit.

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  12. Reblogged this on sketchuniverse and commented:

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  13. paigemckinney7 says:

    great article


  14. Kanwal says:

    This is so lovely !


  15. Hoon Gyeong says:

    This is really eye soothing. Love it

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  16. guidemi says:

    Look so fabolous!!! Nice work!!!


  17. Nassima says:

    I wish I can paint like that! 😍 looks like a one or two brush strokes woowww well done !πŸ˜‰
    And they look amazing whether on the dketch book or on the product itselfπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Thanks for sharing this with us and happy new year πŸŽ‰


  18. Little Chef says:

    Love your work! So artistic and looks deliciousπŸ˜πŸ’™

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