San Jose Museum of Art

Every once in a while, San Jose Museum of Art has a free Family Day. We went to one yesterday. I like when it’s quiet and you don’t get jostled around as you look at exhibits, but it was fun to go on a day when the museum  was full of people. And it’s never so crowded that you get shoved around here.

This is the Chihuly piece, part of the permanent exhibit, at the entrance of the Museum. I sketched it from one floor up. It’s interesting to see the writhing tubular glass forms up close. And Chihuly seems to have the very same issue I have with the yellows in my palette: no matter how clean I try to keep my lemon yellow, it ALWAYS end up getting green-ish!

Two pieces from the exhibit ‘This kind of bird flies backward: Paintings by Joan Brown’. I liked her later pieces: bright primary colors and flat patterns.  I especially enjoyed the piece on the right, which has her and husband#4, each holding a cat, facing each other. All four of them have bindis on their foreheads.

This is Brian Goggin’s 30-foot long red caterpillar that looks like a giant couch. It is a part of the current show ‘Renegade Humor’. It’s wooden legs fascinated me. They were so expressive. The trouble with pieces like this is it’s so tempting to just go and have a seat on them.

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9 Responses to San Jose Museum of Art

  1. Carol Meese says:

    Thank You Suhita. I love your lyrical lines and touches of color. Always a treat to see the world through your eyes and hand.


  2. These look great Suhita. I love the Chihuly sketch. Like big, colourful creatures. I always have trouble with that lemon yellow too. It does go greenish and it doesn’t mix well with others. So antisocial.


  3. Jen Appel says:

    Great job on the Chihuly piece. It is so true how sketching art (or anything, really) allows you to see it in a different way.


  4. Anshu says:

    wow! beautiful sketches. You’re so talented. Found you via sfetsy ( I’m bloomsnbugs in there)


  5. Sue Pownall says:

    I’ve just arrived here via your link on USk. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your sketches especially the Mexican ones. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t sketch their meals 🙂 I look forward to seeing more of your sketches.


  6. Alex Tan says:

    These sketches are so cool!


  7. Wow…the San Jose Museum of Art staff is quite impressed with you sketches.
    I personally like the Chihuly sketch–it is great!
    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Hi Suhita!
    Your Chihuly pieces are fantastic! I knew immediately what they were!!! I’m curious, perhaps you answer this somewhere else, what kind of watercolors you travel with and what kind of pen do you draw with? Your drawings are really quite spectacular, I’m terribly envious of your talent!


    • Kathy, here is my current sketch kit:
      My sketchbag contents
      It’s small and fits in my bag. It’s a pretty standard traveling water color kit, only I don’t use the kind of brush that holds water. Instead I use standard watercolor brushes. Hope that helps, happy sketching!


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