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Summer is… Fruit from the Farmers’ Market

We’re lucky to have year-round farmers’ markets in California, but in the summer, the market REALLY comes alive. It’s summer fruit that I really enjoy painting: the peaches and nectaries, strawberries and melons, all in big, colorful, messy piles on tables across the … Continue reading

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Summer is… Kayaking with the kids

Last weekend, we kayaked with the kids at Shoreline Lake in Mountain View. I was really surprised by how easy it was to get around in a kayak. Which made me wonder: could I sketch from one? (I’d brought my … Continue reading

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Summer is….

Summer is my favorite season in California. Summer is when school is out and I get to hang out with my kids a whole lot of the time. Summer is all the things we’ll do and explore over the next few weeks. Last week it … Continue reading

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Oak Trees. 3 takes.

3 sketches of old oak trees, sketched over 2 days in Templeton Gap wine country near Paso Robles. All but one tree was hung thick with curtains of Spanish moss. This first tree was a perfect climbing tree. I enjoyed drawing … Continue reading

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More vintage signs in San Jose

To those of you that wrote in and told me about signs I must sketch in the South Bay, thank you! Here are a few recent sketches, most from your suggestions. Cambrian Park Plaza with it’s charming carousel. The Plaza … Continue reading

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Little Sketches

It’s been a week of little sketches for me: teacups and biscuits, and the first harvest from my backyard garden: 2 miniscule radishes. Orange Cinnamon Spice Tea, all the way from Seattle. In a Georges Briard Peony teacup. My friend Gail brought me … Continue reading

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Talking shop on

When I need my fix of ‘talking shop’, I head over to Parkablogs to drool over artists’s tools: their nib pens and their obsessions with a particular color of ink, their favorite papers and sketchbooks. Parka takes a look into … Continue reading

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Sketching often

I tend to be a binge-sketcher. I’ll go for a week or two with barely a page in my sketchbook and then binge-sketch over a weekend or when I travel. I’m trying to change that and sketch more of the … Continue reading

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Here are my sketches from 2 days in Disneyland: my first trip ever. If you are a Disneyland fan, I hope these recall many fun experiences you’ve had. And if you’re like me and never did enjoy rides ( but … Continue reading

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Art Box San Jose. A Public Art project

When I first saw beautiful artwork popping up on utility boxes all over the city of San Jose, I knew I wanted to paint a box myself . So I got in touch with Cherri of ArtBox San Jose, and … Continue reading

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