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Cambodia: A colorful Buddhist temple in Siem Riep

Wat Preah Ang is alive with color and life. The detailing on the roofs reminded me of flourishes at the end of calligraphic strokes. And the maximalist approach to decoration was a delightful change from the subdued palette of weathered rock at the Angkor … Continue reading

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Cambodia: Angkor Wat

If the temples of Angkor are huge, complex, and really hard to capture, then Angkor Wat just takes it to another level. We’ve all seen this iconic structure in photographs before. But walking in through those gates is overwhelming. So overwhelming, … Continue reading

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Cambodia: the temples of Ta Prohm and Angkor Thom

A full day of sketching the temples around Angkor. Take big, complex, layered and textured  stone structures. Throw in a cloudy day with diffused light and it’s quite a challenge to try and figure what to focus on and draw. Our first temple … Continue reading

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All my Waterloo Street Sketches

More from the Urban Sketchers Symposium, Singapore. When you teach a workshop on Waterloo Street 3 days in a row, and you demo at every one of the workshops, and you go in a day early and draw on location, and draw … Continue reading

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Sketching Goa: Part 5

Next up: Churches, temples and forts. Old Goa has two grand structures that are so different to sketch: The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a massive baroque structure. It’s warm colored stone is beautiful in the evening light. The Se Cathedral nearby, … Continue reading

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Salt Lake City

An end of summer trip.  On our way to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. First stop: Salt Lake City. The sky is really blue, the summer is super hot and the people are so nice. We spent our day … Continue reading

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My many Indias. Part 4: Tirunelveli

Deep in southern Tamil Nadu is Tirunelveli, where I visit on every trip to India. It is where my husband Hari grew up and where his parents and grandparents still live. To me, there are two Tirunelvelis. One that exists … Continue reading

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