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Small Sketches.

Some weeks, all I end up is a few small sketches. A quiet Sunday morning. The kids making pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. And two mutts. Gunther and Charles. I love mutts. I also love my new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, can you … Continue reading

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My many Indias. Part 4: Tirunelveli

Deep in southern Tamil Nadu is Tirunelveli, where I visit on every trip to India. It is where my husband Hari grew up and where his parents and grandparents still live. To me, there are two Tirunelvelis. One that exists … Continue reading

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Everyday sketches, January 2012

The trouble with coming back from an exciting trip is getting back to sketching the everyday. And to make it harder, everything literally pales in comparison to the madness and color of Mexico City. I feel like the color has gone … Continue reading

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Goa: a week at the beach

We spent a week in Calangute, at the beach, with my parents visiting us almost everyday. The kids loved it: sand, warm water, icecream sellers on the beach! I’ll stay out of the water if I can, so I sat … Continue reading

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A hot day in San Jose

Finally: a real summer day! it’s over a hundred degrees outside, and I could barely see this girl with the glare from the outside…

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The kitchen counter

Everything lives on the kitchen counter. Car keys, little cars, sippy cups, receipts that hang around for no reason at all…

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