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A quick approach to mixing skintones

Every so often I get asked what colors I use to mix skintones. And my first response is “It depends on the skintone and the light”. While that’s true, there still is a loose color-mixing strategy I start with, and … Continue reading

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The ones that don’t work out… and a new brush

Usually I’d just post this sketch. Maybe with a caption that says “Watercolor study, 10-15 minutes”. But doing that is just half the story, and probably the less important half. Because that quick, no-pencil, straight-to-paint capture was attempt #2 (or … Continue reading

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The challenge of longer poses

One of the things I want to work on this year is getting better at working on longer pieces. I love a quick, gestural sketch (and quick poses which tend to be more dynamic and exciting). I find that working fast and … Continue reading

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In Denver

I was in Denver last week working on (you asked and it will be here soon!) an online class titled “Figure Sketching Made Simple”. Many, many thanks to the super team that worked with me in the studio and for months … Continue reading

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One figure, 4 ways

Figure drawing sessions usually start with quick 1 minute poses, then 5 minute ones, then 15, and finally one long pose for the rest of the session, broken up into 20 minute segments. Somedays, I just don’t have the patience to … Continue reading

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Last week in sketches: a mixed bag

It finally feels like fall in California. Cold, grey and even a bit rainy. You can tell from my sketches because they move indoors: two coffee shop sketches this week, both at places which are serving coffee in festive red cups. Already?? And a … Continue reading

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Inktober so far

I started the month of October thinking I’d do a little ink sketch everyday. It hasn’t happened. Still, I’m glad I have #inktober on my mind.  It reminds me to focus on penwork and not always use color to finish a … Continue reading

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Gone too far?

“Should have stopped working on this piece 20 minutes ago.” I feel that way about a piece pretty often, but I’m not always sure “20-minutes-ago” was actually a good time to stop. So this is what I did today. At … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Figure Drawing

I don’t post a lot of my life drawings from a weekly figure drawing session.  But today I thought I’d post a few and try to explain why life drawing is so important to me. 10 minutes. Charcoal and watercolor on … Continue reading

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Leaning? Not leaning? You decide.

Sketched at  my lifedrawing session this morning. The model was definitely leaning one way: her head rested in her hand and she leaned in that direction. Which is what I thought I was capturing. But when I was done, she just didn’t … Continue reading

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