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Nutcracker in the Dark

Sketching the Nutcracker. In the dark. Continue reading

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Bar Mitzvah Party

That was one fun party. And I took my sketchbook along, ofcourse. But when you spend most of the evening dancing or eating, the sketches are quickly stolen moments when you decide to sit down for just a wee bit. Brushpen … Continue reading

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Finger-painting at a wedding

I was at the sweetest, happiest wedding reception this weekend. And of course, I took along my sketchbook and watercolors. Trouble is, I forgot to pack a paintbrush. So I finger-painted. Not very elegant, but very good fun. I usually draw pretty fast, … Continue reading

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The end of Inktober

Inktober’s almost over, and while I didn’t do close to a sketch a day, just thinking more about the inked line is interesting. For one, it means I can carry just a book and a single fountain pen most of … Continue reading

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Color and Motion: Garba at the Asian Art Museum

These dancers at the Asian Art Museum were dancing the Garba, a dance from Gujarat, India. The dance sequences were really short: each session lasted a frenzied 5 minutes, danced to a catchy Bollywood tune . I made each of … Continue reading

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People, Part 3: dancing girls

This is going to require a LOT more practice- capturing gesture in just a few seconds. This is Kavya’s dance class… I love how little girls this age are all short skirts and long, long beanpole legs!!

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