Stanford, Again

Spot the sketcher? This one’s a little harder to spot than most of us that carry a bag of supplies and sketchbooks….

I joined Rob Sketcherman (and his lovely wife Louisa) for a short sketching session on Stanford Campus yesterday. I save my trips to campus for when sketchers visit from out-of-town, it’s such a lovely place, and I don’t mind drawing the same views over and over,

The sketching is  reflex-drawing, which for me is often fiddly and overworked. But that’s hardly the point of these meetups: sharing ideas and getting to chat more deeply with friends that I never seem to have enough time for at our annual symposium: that’s priceless!

Here’s another sketch, done while waiting for Rob.

If you’re heading to Stanford Campus to sketch, there’s these two iconic views, of course. And there’s the Rodin sculptures outside the cantor center.  But don’t forget to visit some less known gems like the New Guinea Gardens that lie just behind the Memorial Church.