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Chai Time

Brook Bond Red Label loose tea,brewed with milk and lots of ginger, but no sugar. Marie biscuits to dip in my tea. So good on a cold day. Watercolor on Stillman & Birn Beta paper.

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When the first one doesn’t work…

There’s this fabulous looking sign that just reads ‘Time’ over a clock located above a shopfront on the corner of Bascom and San Carlos in San Jose. Turns out it’s the Time Deli which has been around since 1950. I had … Continue reading

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Scott Weaver and his amazing toothpick sculpture

When I think of Rolling Through the Bay by Scott Weaver , I think of Gaudí’s Sagrada Família. Rolling Through the Bay has been 40 years in the making. And it just keeps growing and growing and growing. Ask Scott when it;s … Continue reading

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Western Appliance and Capri Motel

I’d love to say I was experimenting with a new technique here. Actually, I didn’t realize that my brush pen had water-soluble ink in it. Coloring over my linework made for an ‘interesting’ effect :) Here’s another quick sketch of that same sign. When … Continue reading

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More ‘vintage’ signs

I sketched two signs this week to add to my vintage sign collection. Trouble is, I don’t know how old they are, or very much about them. Both of them are in San Jose, California, and if you’re familiar with … Continue reading

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Long winter shadows

Long winter shadows and my morning cup of chai. You can’t go wrong with a granulating blue-ochre combination. More chai cups and other drinks here

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My current sketch kit. And sketching standing up.

You asked. So I dug up some photographs of me sketching. But first, my current sketchkit. The books vary. I usually have a Stillman and Birn Beta in my bag. My second one might be a Cachet Watercolor  book, a standard sized … Continue reading

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