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Back in New York, Part 1

Last month I was in New York City for too-short-a-trip. Between spending time with friends, visiting old haunts, showing the city to the kids and playing tourist, I ended up with quite a few sketches. Roosevelt Avenue, Queens on a weekend … Continue reading

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Gold Rush Day 2015

It’s Gold Rush Day today for the 4th graders at Los Alamitos Elementary School in San Jose, California. What an amazing way to make history come alive for the kids. I’m just back from a morning of  sketching. Here are … Continue reading

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Reportage: Minimum Wage Protests

Last month I covered one of many minimum wage protests held around New York for the website Here is a link to the piece, which had reports from all over the country. The protest I covered was to be held at … Continue reading

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Albany and Berkeley

Albany Bowl in Berkeley. Such a bright blue, it made the sky pale in comparison. And the Art Deco Cerrito Theater, also in Albany. A quick sketch of a couple of cops, on a burrito break.  And a change of … Continue reading

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Sheep Shearing

It was Sheep Shearing day at Hidden Villa Farms today. We’ve been excited about going to this ever since our last visit to the farm. Here are Vicki and Hope, two of the border collies who were herding the sheep. It’s … Continue reading

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Recent Obsessions. And Brush Pen Reviews.

There are themes I return to all the time, so I guess I have many recent obsessions. There’s vintage cars that I understand nothing about but love the shapes of. And there’s vintage signage, like this sign for the Sands Motel on … Continue reading

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Mostly notes.

This weekend was a no-color, mostly-notes kind of weekend. It started with what I thought was a broken toe and a trip to ER. I was lucky: no broken foot. But the lady who was waiting for her X-ray besides … Continue reading

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