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  1. som says:

    hi nice to see your varanasi sketches .i am an alumni from Banaras Hindu University (Painting Department of Faculty Of Visual arts) and an ardent sketcher my self

  2. enwendy says:

    your sketches are inspiring! i love looking at all your work, it makes me want to pick up my pencil draw again!

    • Go get that pencil! That’s one of my favorite things about blogging my sketches- inspiring someone else to give it a shot!

      • well u certainly inspire me! i am just starting a blogg and researching how best to blogg. your site came up and, I looked!!!! I am so glad i did!! i have had a difficult time with my sight for past 2 years and am just maximising my current situation. I am just beginning a project about buildings in my community. I will keep observing your sketches for inspiration and support. thank you and I WILL give it a shot.xx

  3. anorwen says:

    Wow, this is incredible. You get used to finding travel blogs with great photographs, but one with hand drawn sketches is quite unique! It was an easy decision to go for that follow button :)

  4. sheena says:

    Came across your blog from craftgawker.com and I am amazed! Your pieces are marvelous! I am motivated to try some of my own travel watercolour sketches and am curious about how you create these – do you sketch it out in pencil first, then paint then ink over? Or do you have a waterproof ink pen, enabling you to sketch in ink then paint? If so, what pen do you use? Again, really lovely stuff, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi Suhita!
    I just love your work..it’s so very loose and expressive and alive! I too am a graphic designer/sketcher and watercolourist (among many other things), and my design training often prohibits my sketches from being quick, loose and spontaneous -I find myself tinkering with my work until it’s ‘just so’ then it can look overworked…how do you keep the sketches so loose and vibrant? How long on average does a sketch take, and do you do the pen workj first, then add the colour wash, or what?
    I’m off now to your etsy shop and treat myself..

    • John, I started sketching precisely to counterbalance what I do as a graphic designer. So much tinkering around, kerning, little adjustments, all the stuff that goes into making things ‘just so’…sketching is my antidote. No rules, I draw first because I draw on location, and things move! So it’s penwork first: sharpie on paper in my sketchbooks and then watercolor.

  6. neconico says:

    Hi there! your sketches are so beautiful! I always wish I could draw like this while I’m traveling. (I love traveling.) I recently received the Liebster Blog Award and I’d like to pass it to you.
    you can check out what it’s all about here (http://necomesen.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/liebster-blog-award/)
    If you would like to accept, please follow these rules:

    • Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
    • Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
    • Pick (up to) 5 other blogs who fit within the award parameters (less than 200 followers).
    • Inform them that you have chosen them by leaving a comment on their blog.
    • Post the award on your blog.

    if not, don’t worry about it. thank you for sharing your great work!

  7. Nuno says:

    I love your sketches. Thanks for sharing your artwork.

  8. Love Letters says:

    Hi Suhita,
    Your sketches are really delightful, amazing, and very inspiring… and I assume you will tell me that when you first started sketching you were no where nearly as good as you are today… but something tells me you have quite special talent!
    Nevertheless, I will keep at it, albeit sporadically, as I flit from calligraphy to watercolor to knitting to collage to piano to reading to gardening… you get the idea, right? I’ll never master any one thing, but I enjoy it all I guess!
    Anyway, I wanted to know if you prefer one particular watercolor notebook to work from?
    Also, do you prefer any one kind of watercolor? A person could go broke trying to figure out what yellow or red or blue or green to buy! I’m using watercolor from tubes, but haven’t quite come up with a solution for traveling with them yet.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Yours is one of the few blogs I subscribe to… just not enough hours in the day! :D
    All my best,

    • Suzanne Tractenberg says:

      Hi, Kathy……I totally relate…..music, knitting, art, etc…..and all take practice. Music is actually the most important for me as I play professionally ( jazz drumming ), so I have to keep telling myself, “music is my life, the art is a hobby.” And realize it’s just going to take longer to improve the sketching /WC skills. …..It’s still frustrating as I want to be able to sketch and paint like Suhita!! Best part is life is never boring as can always be practicing something. Good luck and just keep having fun with all of your activities. ____Suzanne in San Diego.

  9. Kathy, I should dig up and post the early work: from about 3 years ago. What has helped move my sketching along is that I am an obsessive sketcher. Give me a 5 minute break and my sketchbook comes out…

  10. Super Chickie Muscles says:

    Suhita, your sketches and your stories are always so delightful. I love seeing places I know (live in NYC). Thanks so much for sharing them! The fact that you do them on the go is great too, so inspiring!

    Could you offer a static painting lady some mobility advice? I’m headed off on a trip and usually bring inks and pens and paper and wind up painting at a table, but would love to sketch/paint around the island as I go. How do you make it so portable? And the water?

    • Here is the kit I always carry with me:
      My sketchbag contents

      It fits in my bag, and I have 2 books I take along, incase I want to make a second quick sketch while one is drying. The trick to sketching on the go? To never pre-judge whether you will have enough time to ‘finish’ a piece: there is a lot of unfinished stuff inmy sketchbooks, when I just have to move on, or get told ( at museums, for instance) that I cannot sketch:) Also, don’t worry about how a piece looks while you’re making it. Just keep going. and work quick. the quick bit brings something to the piece for me: an unedited, fearless quality. Most of all, have fun with it!

      • Super Chickie Muscles says:

        This is wonderful, thank you! The pic of your kit is very helpful too. I’ll give it a shot… Leaving tomorrow :)

  11. Marilla says:

    Your work is great! Love it! :0

  12. NOMINATION!!! Please copy and paste award from my site here and follow the rules to accept (it’s OK if you choose not to): http://fortyteencandles.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/you-like-me-you-really-like-me/

  13. Hey Sunita,….Awesoomeee sketches….. When I read your Surname..I felt you should be from Goa….but thn the mind plays games *grin* …neway was very happy to read & see Panaji/Mala sketches and thn i felt I was right… you are from Goa :*…nice work …kisses

  14. Dorothy says:

    Suhita, your work is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing it! And, your comments in your blog, as well as your replies to comments about your work are so very thoughtful and warm. Keep at it! I’m inspired to do more!! Thank you!

  15. SRS says:

    Hi Suhita – happened to come across your lovely blog! An an amateur “self-learning” artist myself, but dabble more in painting. I have always wanted to maintain a sketch journal but have never had the confidence to start one, cos I just don’t know where to begin. A sketch journal is just seems more mind blogging that working on one piece at a time. But your sketches are so inspiring that I am really tempted to try for myself – am sure it will help with my drawing techniques and perspective. I went through you sketches of your Indian vacation – they were amazing. Thanks for sharing this with the world. It was so easy to “follow” your blog. I hope I can do something like this…

  16. atreewalker says:

    This is a perfect site to inspire and cheer up! Great sketches!

  17. Tom McCubbin says:

    I somehow stumbled across your sketches and thought they were marvelous. I wish I could draw like this!

  18. Do you have any printed sketchbook? It would be great!! I strongly encourage you to do it!!! I’m a fan of your work.

  19. Diane says:

    Have been following your blog for a while now and finally got up the courage to take my sketching supplies on our recent trip to SF & Marin. While my daughter and husband rode in the Marin Century, I took some time to sketch at the San Rafael Mission. Boy, am I rusty! Forty years since a BFA in Design and much to much up-tight architectural drawing! Would love to loosen up & quit noodling everything to death!! BUT You have inspired me to keep trying!! Appreciated getting to see the photo of your travel sketch kit, too!

  20. suma karveti says:

    Suhita, love your work! Your sketches are so lively and colorful. I enjoy sketching too and have recently moved towards urban sketching. I wish I can make sketching a more active part of my life like you do. If you are ever in New York and you have the time, it would be great to catch up and sketch together.

    • Suma,thanks , your work is lovely. I really like your US Open sketch, so much depth. Do you have an Urban Sketchers group in your area? I know tey’re really active in New York. I will be in touch with them the next time I am in the city. They’re a fantastic bunch.

  21. darren2117 says:

    Your sketches are amazing, I think that that is the best way to capture the moment, not through lazy and boring pictures, but sketching the landscape because I think that that really captures the moment.

  22. charlie p. says:

    Hi Suhita, i am really inspired by your sketches, i would just like to know how you would describe your style? i really love the combination of watercolour and line work :)

    • Charlie, thank you. I’m not sure what I’d call my style:I draw in line and then work in color, like most artists that use line and color do. I guess what might be different is that though both the line and color clarify and support each other, they each have their own voice and are not bound to take their shape and form from the other. Does that make sense? Thanks for writing in.

  23. Priya says:

    Suhita, Is there a sketching group in San Jose. I’m very interested in joining the same.

  24. Sudheer M says:

    I moved to Bay Area from India and before was in NY for over 15+ years. I discover the joy of travel sketching recently and been struggling to overcome the block. I stumbled into your work this morning. Your work is vivid, vibrant, simple but alive. Would you consider starting a ‘Meetup’ and teach us how you do it? (I live in Sunnyvale). Do you teach?

  25. Very inspiring. I have actually just started using pen and ink recently, mostly to offer customers a less expensive “sketch” version of my watercolor paintings (I do mostly commissioned portraits). I use YUPO paper, so I have to do the watercolor first then add pen and ink…or at least that is the way I do it right now, which may change. I am trying so hard to loosen up with these sketches, which I intended to be quick with less depth using the pen and ink to add some definition. I just ran across your work searching for some example of what is in my head, yet I am having trouble developing. WONDERFUL style and I am now very determined to make what is in my head work :)

  26. GJones-Art says:

    HI – recently started a blog on wordpress and came across your work as result. Very dynamic work that captures the essence of the moment. BTW couls I ask how you photo your work to post online – is it just straightforward camera and no flash?

    • yes, I just photograph it in the best reflected light ( shaded) area I can get. Or in direct sunlight if it is not bright enough. But that’s not the best way to do it: scanning gives you the best results. It’s just that photography is faster for me and I would rather spend more time sketching and less scanning…

  27. Suzanne Tractenberg says:

    Hi…..am loving all of the sketches from South America! And am forwarding to all of my sketcher friends as inspiration! Do you have any California workshops planned for the future?
    Thanks, Suzanne in San Diego

  28. Patty Adams says:

    Hi Suhita,

    have you ever thought of doing an online class? there are lots of sites that do sketching courses but in great detail and lots of watercolour courses but extremely few that are actually geared to doing sketches whilst travelling?


  29. Love your work! How long have you been sketching? I could’ve scrolled through your paintings forever. Like a warm bath.

  30. Melissa says:

    Suhita, I challenge you to participate in this Facebook three-pieces-of-artwork-a-day-for-five-days thing. I hope you will–I think your drawings are so great–fresh, interesting, beautifully rendered.
    Melissa Elliott

  31. Pip Marks says:

    Hi – short notice but I thought you might like to submit some photos (or sketches?) to the Thomas Cook photo comp. Ends tomorrow. http://sustainabilitysoapbox.com/2015/03/15/explore-the-elements-thomas-cook-photography-competition/

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