I ❤️ Blackwing Pencils & Sailor Fude Pens

I love these pencils and this pen. Put them together, and they’re my current most-favorite-supplies combo.

Here, they’re combined with a touch of colored pencil.

And a bit more than a touch here, but still, mostly pen and pencil. The color brings some focus: here it highlights the delicious baked goods at Greenlee’s Bakery.

And sometimes, I leave out all color, like in the sketch below.

Do you have a favorite supply? Or a combination of supplies that you’re loving currently? Has it changed over time? I’d love to hear what that must-have stuff in your sketch kit is…

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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9 Responses to I ❤️ Blackwing Pencils & Sailor Fude Pens

  1. These last months a lot of ink with pilot retractable pen and non-glare graphite. Like you often with no color. Even some graphite and watercolor with ink for highlights. Love these.

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  2. dana kay says:

    I love my TWSBI pen with waterproof ink! In medium. Love the bold lines I get! It’s an essential part of my to go pack! Also like the tombow grey marker to do some easy shadows in ink drawings!

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    • I need a TWSBI, I think. it’s juicier than a LAMY safari right? I find the lamy “safe” but without magic ( in my hands, that is)


      • dana kay says:

        The lamy is much safer for sure. The TWSBI tends to leak if it gets warm. That is the only problem. So it’s my easy going pen. Once, when I went to lunch it got too hot and pooped ink everywhere! I should just use my lamy with broad nib

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  3. Oh, I’ll take inky fingers and the occasional disaster for a pen I like 🙂


  4. miatagrrl says:

    Watercolor pencils have been my main go-to for years! But not too many colors — maybe just 7 or 8 at a time. Also a black brush pen (the kind with a flexy, rubbery nib but not bristles). I think if I have just those in my bag at all times, I’m happy.

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  5. Kimbi says:

    These days I’ve been into charcoal a lot. Really enjoying it.

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