Everyday Views, Everyday Tools

With little time to sketch, what and where do you sketch? This is what turns up in my sketchbook (besides sketches of my chai cup and backyard flowers): Sketches from the car, when I get to a meeting a couple of minutes early, or from a cafe before/after a meeting- all done quickly, in very simple dry media.

I enjoy the “no composing” aspect of these views, awkward juxtapositions and all. And, I’m especially enjoying working mostly with just a single black ink pen and a pencil.
Above: I add a blue ballpoint pen to the mix. Below:A bit of colored pencil.

This last sketch isn’t in simple media for lack of time. It’s because I’m really enjoying working like this.

I sketched this view of Roy’s Station in San Jose’s Japantown with Nishant Jain (aka The Sneaky Artist). It was fun to try to see it through his eyes. And while I wasn’t watching him draw, I know he’d see the strong framing and structure he would find in this building. Here are his (top) and my (bottom) sketches of the view.

About Suhita Shirodkar

obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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