A New Sketchbook

It’s true that supplies don’t make a sketch. But they can certainly encourage you to work in a different direction, which is always fun. This lovely-looking sketchbook was a gift, a book I’ve never used and I didn’t sketch in for a few months after I got it. So I decided that the best way to break it in was to leave my usual sketchbook at home and take it along on a driving trip.

Stifflex ArtWORK Sketchbook, Sunglasses, and Bananagrams.

It turned out to be the perfect book for the occasion. Its smooth, not-too-thick paper really encourages quick sketches and my fude pen just flies across the page. Here are some sketches from my road trip, which consisted of a week of driving from Arizona, across to San Diego, and then up the coast of California all the way home to San Jose, mostly stopping at college campuses.

Charcoal Pencil, Pen, and Graphite

I’m back home now and still loving using this book for my daily sketchbook. I’ll post more pages from the book soon!

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obsessive-sketcher. graphic designer.
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1 Response to A New Sketchbook

  1. Y.B. De Ridder says:

    Glad you like it & thanks for sharing what you can do with it


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