Little Shops in Mumbai

Little shops are everywhere, tucked into spaces you wouldn’t imagine they would fit into.

This paan-wala’s shop is literally a niche in a wall, and when closed up, looks like a set of shutters on a wall. In this shallow space, he fits all that he requires for his thriving business, has a seat for himself, and visitors can hang out on the little ledge in front of his store.

And these flower shops that line the street at Matunga Market are built with simple materials: tarp, bamboo, and coir rope.


These sketches were done as part of the weeklong workshop I ran in Jan 2023 in Mumbai with Zainab. We announce the dates for the Jan 2024 session at the end of this month and open registration then. If you think you want to join in on this adventure, join the interest list by writing to me to let me know, because seats are limited and will fill in soon.

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  1. Smitha Aradhya says:

    Love how you play with colors..

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