Art Deco in Mumbai

Which city is second only to Miami in the number of art deco buildings it has. You guessed right: it’s Mumbai.

We sketch walked this stretch of buildings opposite Azad Maidan with an architectural historian and stopped to draw vignettes that caught our attention: typography, friezes, windows and “frozen fountains”.

These sketches were done as part of the weeklong workshop I ran in Jan 2023 in Mumbai with Zainab. We are running it again in Jan 2024. If you think you want to join in on this adventure, join the interest list by writing to me to let me know.

Here are the earlier posts in this series of sketches from India:
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7 Responses to Art Deco in Mumbai

  1. Interesting drawings on the art deco buildings in Mumbai. I wouldn’t think Mumbai would lead the world in Art Deco Buildings. Maybe something from the British in the Early 1900s? These are excellent sketches and you really captured the spirit of Art Deco.

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    • Art Deco came form Indian architects bringing it back home, not from the British, who brought the other movements ( in my previous post) to India.


      • Thanks for correcting me, Suhita. I see certain things as British, but yeah, the British imported all kinds of stuff from other parts of the world. Ie Art Deco from India, Besides just copying Art Styles. They took a lot of Antiquities. I’m sure there’s an Egyptian Oblisk or 2 Kicking About London, Greek Statues, etc


  2. Y.B. De Ridder says:

    Was I on the same tour? Lovely all those explanations with the images! Beautiful details!

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  3. S M Naik says:

    Great sketches of amchi mumbai …Suhita, next trip please do a couple of sketches of Prathamesh

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